Trusty Trowel  LbNA # 41443

OwnerHow-D girls    
Placed DateJul 4 2008
LocationWilton, IA
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Hike Distance?

Driving through Iowa one is constantly aware of farming as a major industry. We invite you to remember how farming used to be done.

While traveling westbound on I-80, stop at the rest area close to mile marker 270 and West Branch. Drive past the buildings and park at the west end of the parking lot. Walk past the pet area and turn left onto the Nature Trail. Walk into the woods along the trail about 15 paces (30 steps) to a fallen tree across the path. Stop and go left 3 steps. Look under the left side of the large fallen trunk to locate a simple farm implement.

While at the rest area, take a look at the restored prairie plantings.