The Dog Park  LbNA # 4145 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 2 2003
LocationLexington, KY
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This box is available for adoption because the owner's email is no longer active. Please contact the webmasters if you are the owner or if you are interested in adopting it. --Choi

“The Dog Park”
Jacobsen Park, Lexington, Kentucky

This is our first letterbox, and we kept our first placing fairly simple.

To get to Jacobsen Park, head out Richmond Road (away from Lexington). You will see the park entrance on your right.

Enter the park and turn right. Drive around the circle, and go straight at the intersection. Drive past the lake, and turn right when the road ends. Go past the soccer fields and the grove of trees. You will see the fenced dog run area on your right (and a cute dog-crossing sign). Park in the area to your left. (Across the drive from the dog park).

Near the porta-potty you will see a trail leading off into the woods. You will be heading almost due north (about 20 degrees). A short distance away you will cross a bridge. At the end of the bridge, take a reading of 70 degrees. There is a stand of three trees growing close together, near the trail edge and not far from the end of the bridge. There you will find the letterbox.

The trail continues on into the woods and is good for a short walk. If you have a pooch with you, the dog park is an excellent place to stop for a run.