Whom do you see?  LbNA # 41450

OwnerFront Range Hiker      
Placed DateJul 3 2008
LocationEvergreen, CO
Found By Tai Chi and Chai Tea
Last Found Oct 16 2008
Hike Distance?

This is another box in my optical illusion series (along with the "How to tell a Liar" and "Hare Y Duck" boxes).

Find the entrance for Elk Meadow Park off Lewis Ridge Road in Evergreen. There are bathroom facilities availale at the parking area. After parking, stop by the trail information sign and pick up a map of the park. Follow the trail to the Kiwanis shelter, along the Sleepy "S" trail. Since you've just started hiking, you probably don't need a break, but you may welcome the shade here on the return trip.

Continue about 1/2 mile towards the west along the Sleepy "S" trail, until you see a trail on the right, near a wooden "hitching post/fence" on your left. Take the trail on your right. It may be the Elk Ridge trail, but there were no signs indicating the trail name.

Shortly you'll see another hitching post/fence on your right, do not turn, continue along the main trail. Walk another 1/2 mile through a beautiful meadow that may have wet areas in the spring. When you come to the third hitching post/fence (on your left), turn left onto what may be the Meadow View trail (again, there is no sign with the trail name).

As you walk down the trail, you'll see the silver ghosts of two ponderosa pines on your left. Past the second ghost tree, you'll see a graceful pine tree that bends to the ground. While staying on the trail, put the graceful pine at your back. You should be facing another ghost tree. Make your way to this ghost. Look behind it, under bark, for the letterbox.

Please let me know whom you saw in the logbook.

Box is a small camoflagued lock and lock container. It contains a hand carved stamp, hand made journal and first finders prize. Please bring your own ink. Remember to REHIDE well. Thanks!