In View of the Shark  LbNA # 41472 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2008
LocationNorth Myrtle Beach, SC
Planted ByFishlips    
Found By tharen62
Last Found Aug 13 2009
Hike Distance?

When you get tired of the beach, this hunt can take you to some interesting places.

Find a resort
Where you don't wear shoes.
Then cross a bridge
That rotates when it moves.

Pass the towers
And the lot
Turn left and find
A beautiful spot.

Follow the water
To where it falls.
Then pass the fountain
So cool and tall.

Beyond the fountain
Admire the boats.
Is the Barefoot Lady
Still afloat?

(If a boat is passing through,
The rotating bridge will be in view.)

You might be chilly from the breeze
Or burning from the sun.
Homemade chips from Docksiders' Grill
Should appeal to anyone.

Leave the grill, straight down the steps
Turn towards the setting sun.
Find the cat warming near the fire
And your task is almost done.

Instead of paces, count 11 palms
Curved back from that toasty cat.
Behind the tree and under the growth
Is where your treasure's at.