Jurassic Kirkwood Park  LbNA # 41478

Placed DateJul 5 2008
CountySt. Louis
LocationKirkwood, MO
Found By mamasama
Last Found May 8 2014
Hike Distance?

A dinosaur is hiding in Kirkwood Park! Don't worry too much, it's kind of cute as terrible lizards go.

Note: the log book may be full. We'll try to check on it soon, but maybe bring an extra bit of paper or look for gaps in the existing page-usage.

Begin your prehistoric trip at the Kirkwood Park sign on the corner of Geyer and W. Adams.
Head down Geyer past the tennis courts.
Turn right on the sidwalk passing behind the tennis courts.
When you come to an intersection, you'll see BBQ pits to your left. Avoid them as if they were tar pits... Continue straight ahead instead.
Pass a playful area with trapped DNA, though not in amber.
Pass another playful area, but more cautiously as a dinosaur may spring out here.
Head on towards the greenish tank of water.
Pounce off the retaining wall to a field where young dinos can play baseball.
Now if a young dino were to hit a home run just fair of the third base line, the ball might land at the beginning of a trail into the woods. Follow that trail into the woods.
At the fork, take a right.
Lumber 18 steps down the trail.
Look to your right and spot a cluster of large trees.
The little dinosaur you seek is hiding in a hole at the base of one of the trees.