The Great Flood  LbNA # 41506

Placed DateFeb 1 2008
LocationJohnstown, PA
Found By P&A Trail
Last Found Sep 23 2010
Hike Distance?

***Box is reported, but NOT CONFIRMED as "missing". If you find the box, please email us at Thank you!***

Some of these answers can be found on the internet. All of these answers can be found at the Johnstown Flood Museum.

A. How many families were lost?

B. How many children under the age of 10 died?

C. How many children lost 1 or both parents?

D. What year was the last body found?

E. What was the height of the crest wave when it entered downtown?

F. How many acres did the debris cover at the stone bridge?

G. How many women were widowed?

H. How many men were widowed?

SE side of Monument to Unidentified Dead face B-Gx2-Ex2+F-9.
Sum the digits of D then subtract last digit of G paces to SE side of Williams
Face A +E - 1
Sum the digits of C then subtract the Sum of the digits of H. Take this number and multiply it by 13. And take that many paces to the evergreen.
NE Side at eye level 1 foot inside.