Crazy Bull  LbNA # 41521

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJul 1 2008
LocationGlenwood Springs, CO
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Difficulty: Tough 1 mile climb up
Distance: 2 miles round trip.

Status of Microbox: No finder yet.

The "Crazy Bull" microbox is located in Glenwood Canyon, a rest stop area off I-70 that leads to Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock! The hike is a tough uphill climb for 1 mile, but it is worth it!!! The lake is fantastic, and the falls are worth a little more extra effort.

From Glenwood Springs, Go east on I-70 to the Hanging Lake exit to the right (about 5 miles or so, just before tunnels). This is a rest stop also. Follow road around to parking area, and park.

To the Microbox:
Walk to the restroom building, then follow the path along the river. At the far end of the path a creek comes in from the left. Go to the trail sign, and start climbing up to Hanging Lake. Cross 7 bridges on your way, then stair step up past the railings until you reach the top and the boardwalk. Take the boardwalk to the lake just ahead and enjoy. Return to the beginning of the boardwalk. You can go right and up the hill to the Spouting Rock falls from here also, but the micro box is near the end of this boardwalk. Standing at the end of the boardwalk (after returning from the lake), look a little right (at 290 degrees) and go 3 steps to the rock wall. About chest high, on the rock wall, behind a root, the box is covered with a rectangle rock, with others piled on top.