Ashland Eagle- reported lost  LbNA # 41550

Placed DateJul 6 2008
LocationAshland, OH
Planted By4 Pub Stories    
Found By Saddle Bag
Last Found Dec 16 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located on the campus of Ashland University. Please be respectful of the beautiful landscaping and the classes that may be in session.

Begin at the flag pole directly north of Jacob's Hall.
From the flagpole procede north on the red brick path.
When you get to the end of the red brick path, turn left on the white concrete path and head west.
At the place where 8 hands tell you you are tardy, turn north again.
Walk past the tallest building on campus, the library, on the east side of the building.
Once you are past this building, look on the north side of the library. You will see a large stone sculpture with two large vowels.
Walk to the vowel sculpture. Stand between the library and the sculpture and look through the shape in the sculpture with 180 degrees of interior angles.
As you look through this shape, you will see two identical 3-D stone shapes with no verticies located on top of the ledges.
Go to the ledge on the right. At the end of the ledge are three pointy shrubberies. DO NOT CLIMB THROUGH THE FLOWERS! Look under the second shrub to find the letterbox.

Please be careful of the flowers, and hide the letterbox where you found it.