Secret Stairs NE Hbr  LbNA # 41558

Placed DateJul 7 2008
LocationNortheast Harbor, ME
Found By H2O K9
Last Found Aug 30 2010
Hike Distance?

You can consider these an add-on to my "By the Harbor" letterbox or you can do it on its own. Enjoy! This is a mini-series of two boxes and only one has the log book.

Start at the location of my By the Harbor Letterbox in Northeast Harbor. [Or find the open park with the flagpole down by the harbor in Northeast Harbor-don't forget to bring the clues and do "By the Harbor" while right here!]

Follow the line of trees across the road, along the edge of the fire department parking lot. Go up the stairs unti you reach the scenic overlook.

Look Behind box
Stand on the top step before going onto the overlook. To you immediate left, you will see a trio of 2-4inch tree trunks. Behind the middle trunk is the Look Behind Box. Use the convenient bench in front of the plaque for stamping.

Look Ahead Box
Once again, stand on the top step before going onto the overlook. Over to the right, you will see a lone evergreen tree in the corner off to the right of the bench. At its base, on the hillside of trunk, you will find the second letterbox.

Be sure and look ahead at the plaque and behind at the beautiful view of the harbor this secret stairway overlook has to offer.

Be sure to bring my clues for "Northeast Neighborhood"- a hint to its location is to continue up these stairs, straight through the parking lot and take a left once you hit are getting warmer! I also have several other letterboxes in NE Hbr, so check them out.