Roller Derby Series: Derby Daughters (and Sons)  LbNA # 41575 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPorcupine Power    
Placed DateJul 7 2008
LocationBradenton, FL
Found By flgirl
Last Found Jun 8 2009
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This is the second box in our Roller Derby Series. If you haven't found "Roller Derby Series: Bradentucky Bombers" you might want to start there so you know what this is all about.

In this box, we are recognizing Derby Daughters (and Sons) for their own personal sacrifices. You see, the daughters of the amazing Roller Derby women, refs, and coaches have to give up time with their moms due to the rigorous derby practice schedule. The daughters and sons also do a lot of volunteer work at the games. Often times when you hear the loudest cheer in the place it's a derby daughter or son cheering their mom on. And what a wonderful role model this sport is for girls. You can be a woman, be feminine, but still play a rough sport. Okay, so the fishnets might be pushing it, but most of the young girls we've talked to say their moms can do anything. If they can play roller derby, they must be tough...except when they give hugs. (Note that most of the moms of these derby kids are normal looking "soccer moms" by day.)

We actually got the idea for this box from a real live Derby Daughter who goes by the kid version of her Mom's skate name, ProseHack, 40mg. The daughter is ProseHack Jr., #20mg, and she's her mom's biggest fan.

ProseHack Jr. told us to hide this box at a place where kids like to go and gave us a perfect spot. It is a short drive from where the Bradentucky Bombers box is hidden and just across the way from where the Bradentucky Bombers hold their after-parties following a home game. The reason kids like to go to this place is because they sell a popular children's product. Need more help? The place doubles as a salon AND if you're having a party, you can rent tables and chairs from a nearby rental store. If all else fails, the number "207" should help. This might be a little tricky, but ProseHack Jr. gave us the following for the clue:

Where a garden starts or ends,
There is something you walk through,
Look around the garden,
and something is waiting for you.
When you find the thing that's waiting,
You will be surprised.
Because derby daughters and sons,
Think the toys this place sells are prized!

The box has been placed with the store owner's permission, so be sure to stop inside to thank her and see the store. You will not be disappointed. We've found this is the perfect place to go Christmas shopping.

Good luck!!!!