Indian Point Letterbox Series  LbNA # 41594

Placed DateJul 8 2008
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By CountryStrong
Last Found Sep 19 2013
Hike Distance?

BOX #2 reported missing 8/09

This is a WONDERFUL new hiking trail just a minute outside of downtown Ellsworth. These stamps pay tribute to the Frenchman Bay Conservancy who set up the trail as well as to a couple of the birds you may see at the point, bald eagles and diving osprey. This hike takes about 30minutes each way with kids or about 30 minutes round trip for an adult.

To find the park, go south on Water St away from downtown Ellsworth until you see signs for Tinker Hill Farm. There will be signs for Indian Point Park on the right. It will look like you are driving into a subdivision. A sign will direct you to a small lot on the right that marks the beginning of the trail. Park in the lot.

There are three letterboxes, two micros and the third traditional box will contain the one and only logbook.

Conservancy micro:
In the lot, you will see a monument in memory of Lee Pittle. Go around behind, and a little below, the back of the monument. There will be two large stones with a crack/space between them. There you will find the conservancy micro. (remember with micros you are looking for a black film canister).

Bald Eagle micro:
Start down the main path marked with blue and yellow signs. Be on the look out for the one tree with two blue signs, marking the one and only path off to the right, going down a wooden ramp/steps. At the very start of this alternate path, you will see a large boulder on your right before the wooden ramp/steps. At its base, you can see a hole with a stick in front of the hole containing the Eagle microbox.

Diving Osprey box with logbook:
Continue on the blue rock cairn trail (reading the informational kiosks as you go) until it rejoins the main trail further down. Once at the intersection with the main trail, take a right and continue to the end of the trail (Indian Point) by following the yellow signs with black arrows. You will see a woodpile on the left side of the trail, almost there, keep going straight ahead. At the bottom of the hill, resist the urge to check out the views quite yet and instead take an immediate right. Follow this path about 10-15steps to a flat, moss covered rock. With that rock on your left, look at about 3:00 and find the C-shaped tree. Behind that tree, wrapped in birch bark is the diving osprey letterbox and logbook for this series. Please be stealthy if there are others nearby in this open area.