Kid Gloves Redux  LbNA # 4161

Placed DateJun 2 2003
CountyDistrict of Columbia
LocationWashington, DC
Planted ByTrishK      
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Mar 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Kid Gloves Redux

Washington, DC

An add-on to the Drew Clan's Kid Gloves series. I met up with Mary from VA and I replaced the first box of the Kid Gloves series on a recent trip to Washington, DC. It is amazing that these boxes were placed in 1999! When we were done with the Drew Clan's boxes I decided to place one of my own on the same route.

Check your clues in advance to make sure that you check out other DC boxes in the same area. Thanks for your hospitality and the company, Mary!

Find the Dumbarton Oaks box and continue on as instructed. Just before crossing a stream you will see a curious stone building on your left. The barely legible markings indicate that it is from '73 - 1873? Just ahead as you cross over the bridge is a wooden bench straight ahead. Immediately behind the bench is a very large stump, maybe four feet in diameter. Looking down on the stump find the largest indentation, opposite the bench. Hidden there is the Kid Gloves Redux microbox. Make sure you have a stamp pad and pen to sign in. (And, yes, I did start the log bass-ackwards!). You can then finish off your walk as listed in the Drew Clan clues.


Before you set out be sure to read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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