Art on the Oregon Trail  LbNA # 41613

OwnerTrail Trekkers101    
Placed DateJul 8 2008
LocationVale, OR
Found By Toadily!
Last Found Sep 5 2010
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Vale, a small town on the Oregon Trail, has a series of murals throughout town, depicting the early history of the Trail and the town. Some very skillful artists have shared their talents to produce this pictoral history.

This particular microbox is located at one of the murals -located at a place that could be considered a modern day "watering hole" on the Trail. It's a place to stop for a drink or other items you might need for your travels. You will first need to visit a couple of other murals to determine the name of this location for the microbox. The final location has two words in it's name. Here are your clues:

First Word (6 letters)
At the corner of "A" St. and Court St. downtown, you will see several murals. The one on the drugstore is titled "The New Arrivals" and depicts early pioneers traveling to Vale from Keeney Pass. If the drugstore is open you can go in a get a free map of the towns many murals. Across the street from the drugstore, you'll see a series of 4 murals of the area's ethnic history. Starting with the far mural "Industrious Chinese," read the attached plaques.
1st letter: Third letter of the Artist's first name
2nd letter: Second letter of the Artist's first name
3rd letter: The fourth letter of the name of this state
4th letter: 6th letter in the first line of descriptive text on the "Vaqueros" mural plaque
5th letter: 5th letter in the first line of text on the "Japanese-American Contributions" mural plaque
6th letter: 10th letter in the first line of text on the "Basque Sheepherder" mural plaque

Second Word (6 letters)
Proceed down "A" St. eastward (this is a one way street) two blocks to Longfellow. Turn left (North) to "The Trapper" mural. This mural depicts the mountain men fur trade in Eastern Oregon. From the attached plaque find these letters.
1st letter: 1st letter of the 10th line of text
2nd letter: 1st letter of the 3rd line of text
3rd letter: 2nd letter of the 1st line of text
4th letter: 8th letter of the 3rd line of text
5th letter: 1st letter of the 5th line of text
6th letter: 2nd letter of the 7th line of text

Near here you can also view two additional murals. Looking North across Washington St., you can see "Waiting for Sagebrush Annie". Looking East and behind the bank you can view "The Branding".

Now that you have the name of the establishment where the mural microbox is located go there. Find the attached mural (you may have seen it already if you entered town from Ontario on highway 20/26). Final clue for location of microbox: It may have been a "gray" day in June 1998 when this mural was erected.

If you have enjoyed the murals continue through town viewing them. There are 32 murals in and around town.