Record-Journal Letterbox (Hubbard Park)  LbNA # 41621

Placed DateJul 7 2007
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Planted ByRecord-Journal    
Found By Inkfamous
Last Found Jul 18 2017
Hike Distance?

The Record-Journal letterbox

Enter Hubbard Park on the road by the duck pond. After passing the ducks, bear left to a small parking area. Your journey begins here, at the white-blazed trail near the Hubbard Park Trails sign.

Your journey starts uphill, as all good journeys do. Stay true to the white-blazed trail no matter what sidepaths may tempt you. As you travel farther the sound of a roaring … highway … will become clear. The trail splits. Bear right, crossing a bridge over the highway. Take a moment to watch the cars zoom past. Once you make it across, the trail turns right. On your right you will see the burned and twisted remains of what appears to be an old car. Take a moment, as we did, to ponder how it got there.

Continue up the hill following the path past this car. The trail splits and rejoins very quickly; sticking to the left side will allow easier travel. You will also see a small boulder on the left. The trail should turn left and continue up the hill.

On the right side of the trail you will see two smaller boulders. Walk past those to the larger rock formation beyond them. Be careful of the two fallen trees, they can be slippery when wet.

Behind these larger rocks appears to be an old stone firepit.

Take out your trusty compass and walk 10 healthy paces at 79 degrees. There should be a pile of rocks on the hill near a tree. There you will uncover the Record-Journal Letterbox.

Enjoy the hunt!

Tell us of your journey sometime at the RJ!

(Box condition last checked 7/8/08. Still there in good condition)