Sealed with a Kiss (on a bench)  LbNA # 41647 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2008
LocationEvanston, IL
Planted Byfish4u    
Found By Atom 118
Last Found Aug 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Lighthouse Beach, Sheridan Rd. and Central St.

Lighthouse Beach and park is a great place to visit if you havent been there before. If you go during the summer, bring some $ if you want to go to the beach and go swimming or play in the sand. Otherwise, there is a playground and an area to enjoy the lake view.
I hope you enjoy my love story.
Have Fun!

Two twenty-somethings out on a date,
wondering if this could be the mate.
Towards Lawton Park they first walked,
holding hands as they talked.
Back towards the place where cars park,
they stopped at the overlook as it was getting dark.
To the front of the Art Center they headed,
then to the place where ships were lead(ed).
Small stones they followed to a building they did bump,
there they saw stairs-one step and one jump.
Large stones they did follow,
three benches they did see.
Young lover, young lover, please come sit with me,
for the best is yet to be.
Directly ahead is a tree where their child might climb,
it is near that tree that a letterbox you will find.