Trying to keep up with Pungent Bob---Puffing Brad  LbNA # 41655

Placed DateJul 10 2008
LocationEagle Point, OR
Found By Annie M
Last Found Sep 6 2008
Hike Distance?

Plenty of RV turn around area
Creek water available

Many letterboxers know that both Funhog and Pungent Bob like to back pack. Most folks would probably just drive up to this trailhead (Summit 3732) but I canít imagine that either of these two would do that. It is planted on the PCT for goodness sakes! It can be accessed going either north or south and Iím sure that would be the only way they would attempt this box.
It was planted with them in mind on a Thursday or Friday or Saturday. Oh well we know it was on the 10th of July.

Between Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake there is a trailhead for Summit trail 3732 on Hwy140. Park in the very large parking area and head up the trail. Stop at the junction of the PCT and Summit trail after crossing over a bridge.
Signs at the junction;
PCT #2000
Brown Mountain trail
Fourmile Lake 10
Summit Trail #3732

From this junction go north up the trail about 38 steps to a craggy charred stump on your right. From this stump take 22 steps at 100 degrees to a smaller stump. Puffing Brad can be found trying to catch his breath on the back side of this stump. Please rehide and cover him well as snow does fall in this area.