Popcorn in the Village  LbNA # 41664

OwnerWi Biker Chick    
Placed DateJul 11 2008
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By Jolly fi-Sherman
Last Found Oct 26 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 26 2015

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy

6/1/15: box is back!

This is a great letterbox for kids because it's pretty easy. You will get 1 letter for each clue. The letters will spell out the location of the letterbox. Start in the village of Wauwatosa on State Street at Wauwatosa Ave. (76th St.) Walk west past Waterstone Bank for your first clue:

______ 1. Find the shop whose name is like a lizard. What is the second to the last letter?

______ 2. What is the first letter of the bookstore across the street?

Walk west on State Street to the street on the right that reminds you of deviled ham. (Kids may need help with this one!)

______ 3. What is the fourth letter in the street's name?

______ 4. Turn right and walk north past the Dittmar-Robertson building. What is the first letter of the second word in the name of the teeny shop just north of Village Boutique?

______ 5. Speaking of Village Boutique, you will need the 4th letter of the second word in their name.

______ 6. Now look at the wine and painting studio next door, right on the corner. What is the second letter in the name of this studio?

______ 7. The city's name is derived from the Potowatomi word for "firefly." Use the second letter in in the word "firefly."

Turn right at the corner and walk east up the hill to Wauwatosa Ave towards St. Bernard's church and school. Turn right.

______ 8. On the right in Village Faire strip mall, you'll see a Starbucks. What drink made them famous? The letter you need is the first letter in that word.

Walk down the hill past Baskin Robbins, and follow the sidewalk as it curves around to the right and down the hill. You are on Harwood Ave.

______ 9. On the left is a great handmade-jewelry shop that has the name of a particular bird. The letter you need is the second one.

______ 10. On the corner of State and Harwood is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in pasta. What's the 5th letter?

______ 11. Now look across the street to an eyewear and optometry office. What's the first letter of the first word?

______ 12. You can buy delicious olive oils and vinegars at __ro D'Oliva. The first letter in their name is what you need.

______ 13. Now go one door north of this shop to 7604 Harwood Ave. What is the name of the business on the door that spells a word in a funny way? Use the first letter of this business.

You should now have the location of this letterbox. To find it, walk down Harwood Ave. to State Street. (You'll be by Noodles). Cross State St. and you will be on a pedestrian bridge that goes over the Menomonee River and leads to railroad tracks. On the right side at the end of the bridge you should see the location the clues spelled. Go to the west side of this "location." Reach underneath and to the left; the box is actually a small paint can held with magnets. You can pry off the can lid with a car key. Please replace the lid and box carefully when done! NOTE: This is a very well traveled area because it's on a bike path. Please rehide well. Thanks!

Status reports are welcome!!