Root Beer in the Glen  LbNA # 41665

Placed DateJul 11 2008
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 12 2015
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Last EditedOct 18 2015

Milwaukee, Wisconsin was, for years, heralded as the Beer Capital of the World.   Today, many of the national brands and brewers have moved to other cities, but the beer heritage remains a strong part of Milwaukee’s identity.  In addition to the historic sites of breweries, brewers’ homes, and other related spots of interest, there are several microbreweries offering a new generation of flavors to savor.
The oldest and largest of Milwaukee's microbreweries produces a variety of lagers and ales, but has gradually become even better-known for its soft drinks.  In particular, their root beer is a favorite at the local and even national levels.  In June 2008, the New York Times named it the #1 Root Beer among dozens of selections.  Pure Wisconsin honey is one of the ingredients that makes the concoction unique.
This microbrewery is located just outside the city limits, with a store that is open daily.  Tours are also available on weekends throughout the year, and daily in summer.  If you haven't yet sampled their wide range of flavors, stop on in.  16 ounce bottles of soda are a bargain at 82 cents; the adult drinks, just a bit more.
There wasn't a great location for this letterbox right at the brewery, so let's head a few blocks west to the 1930s location of a CCC camp.   You can leave your car here and stroll north, passing the panthers’ mound.  The old swimming hole is now gone, but you'll soon walk by its modern replacement, adjacent to a structure that shares its name with another prominent Milwaukee beer family.  Cross a bridge to the east, then turn right and head to the corner of the treeline. Stand on a large flat stump and count 20 steps at 125 degrees. Look between the easternmost ends of the fallen logs.

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