Wawayanda Island Hop  LbNA # 41681

Placed DateJul 10 2008
LocationHewitt, NJ
Found By LongToe
Last Found Aug 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Wawayanda Island Hop
by, Sera & Doobie
Extreme Boxes/Boat needed

2 boxes with hand carved stamps. (There are no inkpads or pens in these boxes)

Located in Wawayanda State Park in NJ,
The 255 acre Wawayanda Lake is popular with canoeists & kayakers.
You will need one of these to find this series!
Bring your own canoe, or rent one during the summer months.
(If the wind is calm…it should take you an hour to get both boxes.If you are renting a canoe,allow at least two hours to be safe.)

Wawayanda is a beautiful park with picnic areas, a beach and miles of hiking trails.
There are at least 5 other letterboxes in or around Wawayanda State Park.
Make a day of it!
Consider a State Park Pass. For fifty bucks you can get into any NJ State Park all summer long. :)

Box #1. Scott Island: Otter

*From the boat launch, make your way to the first island directly ahead.

*Make a right around the island.

*Park at the first pine tree you see.

*Climb up onto the island and make a left into the woods at that same pine tree.

*With the lake and the pine tree at your left, bushwhack approx. 75 yards into the woods.

*You should find a rock/rubble pile .

*The “otter” is under the right side of the rock pile to your right.

Back to the canoe…………………….

Box #2: Beech Island: Can You Canoe?

*Continue to row out into the center of the lake.

*Passing some smaller islands…( Row between two small ones, then you will pass one on your right .)

*Make your way to the big island in the very center of the lake.

*Make a right at the far corner of the big island.

* Park under the large oak tree.

*Climb up the rocky-rooty path up onto the island
over boulders and under hemlocks.

*Ahead to your right you will see a heart carved into an old tree trunk.

*To your left, you will see a tree with a boulder attached at its base.

*Standing at that tree, look down and to your left.
(You will see boulders.)

*Make your way carefully down the slope to the lower boulder on the left.

*Your “canoe” is at the base.

Please be respectful and careful on these islands which are home to turtles, beaver,mink and other flora and fauna.
It would be cool to bring a garbage bag and carry out any trash you find.

Sera & Doobie