American Idiot  LbNA # 41757

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateJul 12 2008
LocationDunnfield, NJ
Found By The Pakrat
Last Found Nov 6 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is located towards the end of one of many climbs on the "red dot" trail. From the parking lot next to I-80, you will find the trail head by facing out and walking to your left. (It's not the A.T., which has a much more gentle slope.) You will begin immediately taking tall steps up to the trail. These steps are a good indication of the relative difficulty of this trail, which is even harder than the blue dot trail. Trust your instincts. Although I climbed this trail to the summit with a three-year-old strapped to my back, I don't recommend that, and I don't recommend the red dot trail to children or people with physical difficulties.

After climbing the steps, you will begin winding your way to the left, before eventually taking a hard right turn and walking up a long chute of rocks. Eventually you will see two trees on your left that, seen from the right angle, appear to form a V. As you reach the end of this straightaway, marked by a tree with a red arrow pointing to the right, find the tree in the middle of the trail marked with a red dot. Up and to the left is a tree that is bent and growing low to the ground. The box is on the far side of the bent tree under rocks.

Watch your step on this trail, or not even St. Jimmy can save you.

Bring black and red ink.