Tammany Tabby  LbNA # 41758

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateJul 12 2008
LocationDunnfield, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Dec 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Some may have thought that Eleanor Roosevelt dealt the coup de grace to this formerly fearsome tiger, but instead he went into hiding on the nearby hill that bears his name, waiting to pounce on weary hikers approaching awesome vistas.

As one nears the summit on the trail that also bears his name, there is a tree in the middle of the trail with a hollowed out base, followed about 50-60 feet later by a river of rocks coming in from the left. Facing upstream, locate the oak tree to your left. This cat lies in wait behind it in his lair.

Bring black, orange, and green ink.

Note to First Finder: I forgot to stamp the hitchhiker's stamp into the log. Would you be so good as to do that for me before taking the hitchhiker somewhere else? Thanks.