River City  LbNA # 41759

OwnerThe Locksmiths    
Placed DateJul 13 2008
LocationEast Peoria, IL
Found By MerenSteph
Last Found Feb 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Go to the intersection of Camp St. and Main St. (Rt. 116) in East Peoria. From there, spot the Bob Evans, and turn onto the street right by the sign that says “Bob Evans Entrance.” This is Fondulac Dr., but there is currently no street sign. You will know you are on the right road when you cross I-74 on a steep bridge.

Continue a short way until you come to a pull-off on the left. Park and take a moment to enjoy the view that inspired this box. Unfortunately, there were no good hiding places here, so get back on the road and continue on. After awhile, you will come to another area to pull over on the left, but without a view.

Park in front of the “Park Closes 10 p.m.” sign in order to prevent people in the houses across the street from seeing you very well. Directly behind the sign is a small, partially overgrown path into the woods. Walk down it 13 paces. Watch out for poison ivy; there is some along the trail, but none that we saw near the box itself. The trail will fade out before you finish walking; just continue straight ahead.

You should end up about 10 feet from a steep drop-off; to be safe, we didn’t call this box kid-friendly, but well-supervised children should be fine. Look to your left and find the tree with a triangular piece of bark missing about two feet up its trunk. The box is hidden at the base, under a group of rocks. After stamping in, please be sure to carefully replace all the rocks so the box does not end up tumbling down the hill later.

Please bring your own ink.