Kenna's Grass Valley Lake Letterbox  LbNA # 4181

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Placed DateMay 30 2003
CountySan Bernardino
LocationLake Arrowhead, CA
Found ByThe Barks (Attempted)
Last UpdateJan 20 2013


Grass Valley Lake

Grass Valley Lake is a small private lake owned by the members of the Lake Arrowhead Country Club. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it too. The lake is a short 10 minute drive from the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Kenna is a young but tenacious letterboxer who has been selected as warden of Grass Valley Lake and all letterboxes there-in.

To find the Grass Valley letterbox exit the Village to the right onto Highway 189. Hwy 189 winds along the southern shore of Lake Arrowhead to Blue Jay. At Blue Jay turn right onto Highway 173 (aka North Bay Road); you will see MacDonald's across the way. Continue up Hwy 173 for about 2 miles to Peninsula. Turn left at Peninsula and proceed up the hill past Rhine and Grass Valley Road to Tunnel Drive. Turn right at Tunnel Drive and drive down the hill to the end of the street and turn right again, this is Golf Course Road. You will see Grass Valley Lake and the park on your left. Drive just past the entrance to the park, reserved for Arrowhead Lake Association Members only, and park off the street in the parking area on the left. This parking area is bordered with a low chain and stone pillar wall. After parking walk north on the left hand side of the road, follow the dirt road to the left of the yellow and green fire hydrant to the boulder damn for a nice view of the lake. Along the way look for this riddle to find your goal:
Look for the large tree behind the riddle, behind this tree there is a large rock nestled up against a smaller tree.
The black letter box is located between the rock and the smaller tree, covered with a layer of pine needles.

This letterbox may not be accessible during winter months due to snow, you must check local weather and road conditions before proceeding to any of the Lake Arrowhead letterboxes.
Difficulty: Easy five minute stroll.
Compass Needed? No, but knowing where North is will be helpful.
Wheelchair Accessible? No, you must climb down a short hill to get to the letterbox.
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