Wandering Turtle Mystery  LbNA # 4182

Placed DateJun 4 2003
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 4 2014
Hike Distance?

The Wandering Turtle Mystery

Clue Difficulty: moderate
Location: somewhere in Massachusetts
Terrain: level, easy, muddy in spots, some makeshift bridges
Distance: Less than two miles
Placed: June 4, 2003
By: Rustypuff and the Nina Dog


Before you begin, write down the number “11”. You’ll need it later.

Perhaps it was founded by a cranial arborist? There are two with similar names…choose the OLD one.

A PARK where there is WATER and GRASS.

How to get there:
Access it by the street named for FREEDOM.

Once there:
Park in the lot before the Nature Center/Park office to avoid the road gate (though there is plenty of parking beyond the gate too).

Begin on the paved bike path (also known as Carl Johnson Rd). At the intersection of the paved paths, turn left onto the north path. The ‘car’ road will peek in and out to the right of the path as you go.

You may want to “Rest Look Listen” for a moment but do continue on the same path until you feel like saying “Dam it!” Veer off the path to the right here to climb steel stairs. Turn left at the top and follow the path over water and look for Cygnus olor, this area’s signature animal. Climb concrete stairs and follow trail east until you rejoin the paved path.

Soon you will see a lovely picnic area off to the right. Walk to the picnic tables. To the right of the “Yellow Trail” sign take the small path down to the pier to catch another great view of the water. Then return to the “Yellow Trail” sign and follow the trail (heading at 170 degrees). Watch out for muddy patches.

You will pass a couple of bridges and stone walls. When you come to the intersection with the Red dot trail, go right (270 degrees) onto this trail. You will pass a long jumbly stone “wall” on the right followed by a bridge. Shortly, you will come to a tumble-down stone wall. Look for the turtle on the right side of the trail in the east side of the wall about 6 steps in. Mind the prickers!

To leave, continue to follow the trail. When you come to an intersection follow the red trail to the right (270 degrees). Follow this out to the main trail. Turn right. Follow the paved trail to the intersection at the yellow gates. Turn left and follow back to the Nature Center.