Quercus Alba (White Oak):  LbNA # 41821

Placed DateJan 13 2008
LocationEast Windsor, CT
Planted ByBroadbrook Clan    
Found By Jane of the Jungle
Last Found Jun 25 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

Quercus Alba (White Oak):

Trees provides us with oxygen for breathing and when we exhale CO2 (carbon Dioxide) the trees use it along with water and chlorophyll to grow their leaves that will produce the oxygen for us.

Locate where Abbe Road intersects Route 5 in East Windsor Connecticut. Travel east on Abbe road from route 5 three tenths (.3) of a mile and turn right into Scout Hall. Park behind Scout Hall. Facing south locate a flagpole nearest the barn. Start here at the flagpole and take a compass reading of 50 degrees (NNE). Walk this direction across a concrete path until you find the "concrete hands".

Locate Caitlin (southwest corner) and then walk 180 degrees about 20 paces to a path in the woods. Continue to walk 200 degrees (south) about 54 paces. Note the birdhouse on the tree to your right just before the path curves. Directly ahead find the Mossy Oak that has lost an arm. Quercus Alba is hidden hear. Do you know where lichen grows? Look hear to find box 1. (Lichen only grows on north side of trees).

Return to the concrete pathway and head out at 200 degrees (s/sw) follow path to a large concrete block. Walk along the edge of trees to find Brookside 1999 stone (large engraved rock) and turn left into the woods and travel along the path (you should be traveling east). Note the princess around your feet (pine that is, Princess Pine). Forty paces find a small white pine seedling struggling to grow among the mighty oaks. One hundred and sixty paces more find a small clearing (on the left) amongst the trees. Sixty more paces you'll find a single tree on your left and five trunk tree on you right. Search amongst the five for BOX # 2 in contains not a princess for sure, but definitely a close relative.

Continue southeast along the path to the concrete culvert (water pipe) as it carries another one life's essentials. Take a break and relax to sounds of the gentle rushing water. Cross over the brook and head 200 degrees (southwest) along the path. 20 paces more and the path curves to the right. 50 paces more and you'll find a picnic table nestled amongst the forest. If you brought lunch stop and enjoy. Pretend to watch a wood elf show on the wooden stage platform to the east.

Locate three 1/2 telephone poles dug in to the ground and some stepping stones. Follow the stepping stones east and look for a wooden platform (the stage). Look for the red reflector marker on end of the platform and hunt for a seed spitting fruit, a summertime treat (Box #3).

You can return the way you came or follow the blue trail out which is another 30 or so paces south, then due west. Look for the blue marker flags attached to the trees they will lead you out to the south end of the soccer field.

Hope you had fun.