Mage  LbNA # 41823

Placed DateJul 15 2008
LocationPacific City, OR
Found By troutehole
Last Found Aug 3 2013
Hike Distance?

THIS BOX HAS BEEN RELOCATED to its present location and renamed.

DIRECTIONS: From PC's only stoplight turn west towards the sea and follow the signs to Bob Straub State Park. Park at the end of the road near restrooms.

CLUES: You can find this box two ways, by beach or by dune but we recommend the following and we'll tell you why. From the parking lot take the trail over the dune to the beach and walk south towards the end of the spit, because: it will be easier to find the box and the wind, usually from the north, will be at your back. Then after finding the box, walk back north along the sheltered side of the dune: less wind but more work walking in the deep sand.

THEN: So, it's nearly two miles to the end of Nestucca spit, so be prepared. When you can see the bend of the spit and know the river is around the corner, and the dune on your left begins to flatten out, begin watching the dune top for a brown "no camping" graphic sign. Hike up to the sign, walk 10 paces east. At 160 degrees, you'll see the tallest knoll on the dune, closest to the sea. Walk to the top of this dune and face Haystack Rock at 330 degree. Turn opposite to the green hillside. How many signal towers? Turn to 260 degrees and look down at the finger of grass below you, falling away to the northwest. Walk six paces toward that area of dune grass and locate the piece of driftwood half-buried in the grass. The box is as many feet from the south end of the driftwood as there are signal towers, buried under the driftwood.

Have fun, it's a great hike!