Four Falls and a Bridge  LbNA # 41853

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Placed DateJul 12 2008
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Hike Distance?

Your adventure starts in the car – it’s not very far. Drive along Route 64 to Dupont State Forest - quite a lovely drive for any tourist.

(The Long Trail in Vermont is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. The foot-path follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from Massachusetts to Canada. The Long Trail in Vermont is 270 miles. Today your hike will be about 267.7 miles less. How far are you hiking?)

Park off of Stanton Road at Hooker Falls – turn off the cell phone, you can’t get any calls. Cross the street, cross the creek; without getting wet your lovely little feet. Your first goal is the Triple Falls Trail – look left, you surely won’t fail.

After the falls of three, hike up the trail that is sandy. Look for the path to the Falls that are High. Listen for your destination, make a right, let River Bend pass by.

At the scenic vista for High Falls you can see where you will be done. There are 105 of these special structures in Vermont, at the top of the Falls there is only one.

Next, Covered Bridge Trail, with turns up hill for a smidge. Last is Buck Forest Road where you take a left and cross that bridge! After you go through, look to the ‘correct’ side, the narrow unmarked path awaits you.

Go right at the next possibility. See the trees that make the V? Behind them you will see, the Letterbox in store for thee!

(Still need a hint? The trout will help you out!)