Musicians Series-Texas Star  LbNA # 4186

Placed DateJun 4 2003
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Texas Star letterbox is an addition to the Musician Series letterboxes hidden in Forest Park. This is a tribute to yet another of the great musicians from the Lone Star State. Once you have solved Brett’s clue for this series you will have all the information you need to find this box. The letters below correspond to which of the four musician's clue (e.g. LL=Lyle Lovett) you need to refer to and the following number is the number of the word in the sequence in the solution (e.g. LL1= first word in the answer you have translated for Lyle.)

SG1 ten LL3 SG11 SG12. Walk back SG10 SG11 SG13. SG9 SG14 LL14 LL16. SG16 LL24 babies with SG19 Mama SG20 SG21 BB5A. Look at her feet.

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