Moby Dick  LbNA # 41861

OwnerSir Nerd      
Placed DateJul 16 2008
LocationMarietta, OH
Found ByGSD 1
Last UpdateApr 28 2009


Go ~5 mph west of Marietta and turn right onto Coffman Road. Continue on Coffman around the bend until you see a parking lot past the cemetery overlooking the park.
Now you may want to do a little fishing, walking or take in a view of the pond. If you are lucky you may see the fish for which this letterbox is dedicated. His name is Moby Dick and occasionally his fin comes out of the surface of the water.
Anyway, from the parking lot you entered walk down the section of the track to the Y.
1. From this point take a heading of 290(this is a heading as in on a compass) to a bench.
2. From the bench take a heading of 250 to a red sunset maple tree.
3. From the tree take a heading of 250 to the butterfly garden.
4. From the garden take a heading of 300 to the bench in between two crabapple trees.
5. From the shelter take a heading of 200 to the shelter to the right of the track.
6. From the Southeast corner of the shelter take a heading of 120 to a bench in your sight range.
7. From the bench take a heading of 80 to a gate.
8. Enter the gate and turn left.
9. Walk until there is a bridge to your right.
10. Under the near left side of the bridge there the Moby Dick letterbox awaits your arrival.