Birchwood Lake  LbNA # 41862

Placed DateJul 17 2008
LocationMountain Lakes, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Birchwood Lake
Wilcox Park
Placed 07/17/08 by Wingfoot & Angelfoot
Mountain Lakes, Morris County, New Jersey

Important Note:
The park is located at the end of West Shore Drive off of Pocono road in Mountain Lakes. When you pull into the parking lot there is a sign that says “Mountain Lakes residents only”. I sent an email to Mountain Lakes and was told that you can park there, but you must not access the beach.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Gravel Path
Time: 30 minutes

Please be discreet, as this is a heavily traveled area. Please stay away from the beach.

This is a circuit hike, more like a stroll, of Birchwood Lake.

Take the path to the right of Birchwood Lake. It’s unblazed. It’s to the left of the 9/11 Memorial. Path goes up and down several tiny hills. Eventually you’ll come to a three way intersection. You’ll notice that both of the new trails are blazed red. There will be a brown bench there. To the right is a fence post you would need to go through if you were taking a right onto the red trail. From fence post go 15 paces at 90 degrees to a big tree. Behind it, underneath a pile of rocks is what you seek.

Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.

Pick up red trail staying next to the lake to complete your circuit hike of the lake. It’s the left hand red trail. At the next trail intersection stay left next to the lake. When you come to the beach there is a sign indicating the trail to take to get back to the parking lot.

The Tourne, Rattlesnake, Evergreen, Baby Box, and Birchwood Lake letterboxes hikes can be combined. Wilcox and Tourne Parks border each other.