Placed DateJul 16 2008
LocationBrookville, PA
Found ByMikJen
Last UpdateAug 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Start your hunt at the “Historic Brookville” Courthouse and begin making your way UP Pickering Street. You will pass a nice stone church – take a nice rest here if you need one before the big climb. Keep going up. When the road turns to cobblestones, continue up – up – up (this is known as the “shanghai climb”).
Once you reach the top you will see a pine tree marking the corner of an old cemetery. Make a left onto the trail along the edge in front of the tree. At the 3rd tree make a right and head into the cemetery. You will pass a large stone obelisk marker; continue until you see the tree with 4 trunks on your right. Look to your left and find the rectangle PORTER stone.
The final resting place for our Shanghai Secret is behind this stone, “buried above ground” under some older stones.