Pleasant Ridge Park: The Letterbox of Berryhill B  LbNA # 41879

Placed DateJul 7 2008
LocationFairview Township, PA
Found By horse<3
Last Found Jul 24 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox can be found at Pleasant Ridge Park in Erie County Pennsylvania, in Fairview Township. Pleasant Ridge Park is located off of Route 20 about a mile or so West of the intersection of Route 20 and Route 98. Turn South onto Dobler Road where it intersects with Route 20. There is a large white sign announcing the park. Go South on Dobler Road then turn West onto Barker Road. The park is visible and just a few hundred yards away.

Park in the Parking lot as far South as you can go by the large cinder block pavillion and kitchen facillity. There is a large sign on the right which maps the trails and gives you distances. You will want to follow Berryhill Trail, which can be reached by taking the trailhead South of the pavillion and the green swing set. Follow the gently climbing path and look for the yellow blazes, rocks and roots. Berryhill Bridge is about 1/4 mile down the path.

Once you reach the bridge cross over to the South side, and look to your immediate right (West). You will need to find the tree that looks like a large spider emerging from the ground. If you are brave enough to search around its moss covered belly you will find the treasure you seek. Just down the path from the bridge, and to the West is a very comfortable bench where you can do your stamping. Once finished, please make sure to obscure the box after returning it to the spider tree's belly.

While you are here enjoy the rest of the trails which are very easy to hike, and take advantage of all the other family fun that Pleasant Ridge Park has to offer. The park has multi-purpose fields, sand volleyball, softball and swingsets. The pavillion facilities are first come first served but may be reserved. An added bonus are very nice and clean restrooms. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Best Wishes from Ripper and Honeysuckle.