Variety is Best  LbNA # 41897

OwnerRacing Falcon    
Placed DateJul 16 2009
LocationAshland, VA
Found By Racing Falcon
Last Found Aug 1 2012
Hike Distance?

These box is at Three Lakes Park in Hanover County. Take 95 north to the Chamberlayne Ave. Exit and take a right on Wilkerson Road. The park is a mile down on the right. Pull into the park and park your car by the first enterance to the woods. There is a sign that says " Picnic Shelter"
Walk past the sign onto the path, you will pass another sign saying " To Fishing Pier and Picnic shelter", there will be a lake on your right. Take a left on the path where it says " Fishing Pier" You should be heading west.
Keep on the path and soon you'll come to a bridge. Right before the bridge look to the left. You will see a tree leaning to the left . Look to the middle tree and the box is at the base. It id hidden under the leaves. Please cover it back up.