Historic Sighting  LbNA # 41904 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerNature Boyz    
Placed DateJul 18 2008
LocationPrairie du Chein, WI
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6/23/09 Box is missing
To find my letterbox first you must find St. Feriole island near Prairie du Chein.
While here enjoy the river, the wonderful sights of the historic Villas Louis, and finding my letterbox.
Once you get to the Villa Louis you should see a large pond out front, behind it should be the house itself.
Go around to the right of the pond and you should see a big stone under the green railing surronded by plants.
Go up to it and look to the right corner and reach into the plants there and you should find a metal tin.
I did'nt really have a reason for this stamp, I just put it there because it was part of a set.
This is my first letterbox so I'm sorry if you had trouble finding it...