Another Sinclair Lewis Letterbox  LbNA # 41906

Placed DateJul 17 2008
LocationSauk Centre, MN
Planted ByWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Found By Gforce6
Last Found Nov 5 2011
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by Whirly-Girl Wanna Be and adopted in April 2012 by Gforce6.

If you head north through Sauk Centre on the Original Main Street, two blocks after you pass Sinclair Lewis Avenue, you will see the American Legion on your left, followed by Park Ave. When you turn left on Park Ave, you will find Sinclair Lewis Park on your right. There's a letterbox hidden in this park, but it's not the one this set of clues will help you find.

So, drive past the bandshell, the picnic shelter, the playground, and the campsites. Turn right on Hickman Drive, and pass the skate park. Next, on the other side, you will pass two rows of evergreen trees. Continue on Hickman Drive as it curves to the right, and then, just past a large cottonwood tree, as it curves to the right again.

Looking ahead, you will see a sign on your right which identifies the grassy area as Hickman Park. Park your vehicle, and walk to this sign. Stand next to it, and face directly south. You will see a power pole near the edge of the clearing. It will probably have a nesting box nailed to it. Walk to this pole, and look for a one-foot chunk of cement near the base of the pole. The letterbox is in the space under this rock. You won't have to lift the rock to find it--just feel under the edge closest to the pole.