Split Tree-cision  LbNA # 41920 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2008
LocationNorwalk, CT
Planted ByJoCo and Lime    
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Cranbury Park (300 Grumman Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851)

Split Tree-cision Letterbox

Enter Cranbury Park from Grumman Avenue. Pull into parking lot and follow signs to Pavilion 1. Turn 90 degrees to the right and walk past playground equipment to trail (White/Blue). Turn left to get on the trail and follow it STRAIGHT (stay on the Blue trail) for about 3/8 of a mile. (There is a fork one point; stay to the right.)

This letterbox is dedicated to the undying beauty of split trees. Examples of split trees can be found along this 3/8 mile walk behind a sign titled “Trail Etiquette” (on left side of trail) and also near the 11th hole of the Frisbee Golf Course (a metal structure with chains hanging from it) which runs through the park (on right side of trail).

After about 3/8 mile, turn left onto the path between the 11th Frisbee Golf tee-box and 10th Frisbee Golf hole. From here on, you will travel from split tree to split tree. Start at the large split tree at the beginning of this path. Look straight ahead to find a baby split tree and walk 35 paces to it. Turn 90 degrees to the right to next split tree and walk 20 paces to it (you will cross over a fallen tree). Jump on the small path directly in front of you and follow it to the left. Along this path, admire a couple of growing split trees on your right. Follow path to 10th Frisbee Golf tee-box and find the split trees while grabbing a quick rest on the bench. Continue past the benchwarmers, on the same path, to the small clearing ahead. Turn 90 degrees left to find a split tree which seems to be hugging itself. Walk to the hugging trees and look right to find a skinny split tree. Walk 17 paces and jump over the fallen log on your way from the huggers to the skinny split. Follow the small fallen tree behind the skinny split tree for 13 paces and look right to find another baby split tree. Walk 7 paces to a large split tree with a protruding bottom. Look and travel right to find the glory of the perfect split tree 14 paces away. Your next and last split tree is now 18 paces away. Look at the base to find your letterbox!