The Templar Treasure  LbNA # 41922

Placed DateJul 19 2008
LocationFaribault, MN
Planted BySolomon's Staff    
Found By BuncoQueen
Last Found Sep 13 2008
Hike Distance?

The Knights Templar were a group of religious knights founded in the 12th century.
They were charged with protecting pilgrims during the crusades. They also became very rich when they devised a means of transporting funds over long distances. It is said that this was the model for our modern day banking system. They soon became very famous across Christendom…and very rich. Unfortunately, their demise came at the hands of Philip IV of France who was deeply in debted to them.

In 1307, many of the Order's members in France were arrested, tortured, and burned at the stake. When the Templar’s coffers were opened, they were found empty. It is said that some of the Templars were able to escape on ships baring this gold and made their way to America. What ever happened to the Templar treasure? One legend says that a part of it ended up in Faribault. Use the clues listed below to find what is left of the treasure…

The first line of this letterbox clue has been deciphered for you.

Begin at the pillars, six in a row;
The circle and tree where the river flows.
(*From what we understand, you are to begin at the entrance of the Riverbend Nature Center. The sign at the entrance has a tree with a blue wavy line (the river) surrounded by a circle. Six square pillars of wood hold up the sign.)

Over half a furlong, travail down yon road,
Off to the right, you will find a hold.

Rest your trusted steed upon this solid ground,
And look for the chain with pyramid pointing down.

Here by foot is where ye’ll begin,
Until your journey returns you here again.

Move betwixt the quarry and the rabbled ruins,
Then up, down the hill in the greenest of June.

Walk ‘long the path where the sun doth be setting
‘long Summer’s golden sea and thorns for blood letting.

Proceed on yon path, ‘til the fork splits in two
The Ent of the forest’ll be staring at you.

That ancient Oak bellows, “Follow the dead…”
“Through the cave with the roaring snake overhead.”

Into the Dark Wood with sleeping trees proceed,
Through the Tangled Wood, where the path doth lead.

The Templar knight the pilgrims doth adore…
Must stop at the place where directions are four

Fear not, brave, young knight, for all is not lost…
Look for the sign of the water and cross!

Once you’ve stormed the gates of our rugged realm,
Sharply left, down and up, and proceed to the helm

Ascend, as a king to the top of the throne
You’ve almost made it to the Templar home

Three wooden lances mark the trails right way
Dwarf pine and the tower mean you’ve gone astray.
(So many knights have met utter defeat,
They’ve taken the time to erect you a seat.)

Walk ‘til the songbird sign is seen as you pass;
It watches, like a statute, ‘mongst the tall grass.

Mark out the steps, a day for a pace;
Like Christ fasting in that arid space.

Soon ye’ll find ‘long the path, nature’s green guard,
He cloaks our keep in his emerald garb.

In spring and summer, ‘tis hidden by nature’s hue;
In the fall and winter, ‘tis within your view.

Walk through the green door and proceed to the stone keep,
It is hidden in part, in the wilderness deep…

Your brothers have left you a table for feasting
Near this your grail they have long been keeping.

Betwixt Sylla and Charibdis where the gold is laid low,
Look for the symbol of Eden and know…

‘member the sign, without water,--it is here,
The gold can be found hidden very near.

LAST FOUND: (7/19/08) By an adventurous family from Faribault. Good work, guys!