Baby Box  LbNA # 41923

Placed DateJul 17 2008
LocationDenville, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Baby Box
Tourne County Park
Placed 07/17/08 by Wingfoot & Angelfoot
Denville, Morris County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Basically Flat
Time: Less then 20 minutes

11/29/11 : Appears trails may have be rerouted and that the clues to this box need to be updated.

This box is to celebrate the birth of our first child.

The Tourne is the only remaining undeveloped fragment of the Great Boonton Tract, purchased by David Ogden, Colonial Attorney-General of New Jersey in 1759. McCaffrey Lane, which serves as the main entrance to the park, was created in 1767 by Samuel Ogden to haul iron ore from Hibernia's mines to his iron works in Old Boonton. Within this historic region, the Continental Army manufactured cannon balls for use during the American Revolution.

Start at the parking lot next to the children’s play area. It’s the first parking lot if you access the park from Old Boonton Road. Across the road from the play area locate the red trail. Take and follow red trail until you come to the first bench. From bench go 23 paces at 280 degrees to a big tree. Directly behind the big tree is another tree growing along side of it. From the two very close trees go 18 paces at 340 degrees to another tree. To the right of the tree is a rock. Behind the rock is a smaller rock, lift the smaller rock. What you seek is underneath it.

Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.

The Tourne, Rattlesnake, Evergreen, Baby Box, and Birchwood Lake letterboxes hikes can be combined. Wilcox and Tourne Parks border each other.