Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Franklin Farm  LbNA # 41927

OwnerHappy Quilter    
Placed DateJul 20 2008
LocationPurcellville, VA
Found By Baseball Fam
Last Found Apr 15 2016
Hike Distance?

Many years ago, Franklin Farm was a working dairy just west of Purcellville, VA. The community had several large dairies and produced much of the milk and milk products in the region.
In 1966, the farm became Franklin Park and was developed by the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services into a muilti-faceted but still very rural park. There is a performing arts center, pool and many ball fields. Thousands of Loudouners enjoy this area that was once grazing land each year.
In honor of the past use of the land, enjoy the nice long hike on the 3.2-mile trail, beginning in the swimming pool parking lot.

Note: Meadow Muffin remade and replanted 8/8/13. Please let me know if any problems with the other ones.

Box #1 "Meadow Muffin"

Drive into pool parking lot and park on north side away from pool. Walk through the trees to the pavilion. Just west is a passageway thru the trees. Go to the area with the Disc Golf #10 sign. Walk to the Nature area sign. Go west from the sign at 280 degrees to a fringed tree. Look beneath for your prize.

Box #2 "Got Milk?"

Stay on the nature trail. Stop at a green bench above the pool. Sit facing the trees. Find a big tree at 330 degrees and look below it for your box. (This box was nursed and now is fully operational 8/25/10)

Box #3 "Loudoun Ice Cream"

Continue onward and walk to the end of the treeline. Make a right into the mowed hiking trail. Go a very long way, up and over the hill to the bottom. Look for a birdhouse on your left at the trail's bend. Stand by the birdhouse, and at 40 degrees you will see a fencepost with vines growing up from it. Your prize is behind the fence.Be sure to not put it too far beyond the fence so we will not have to climb over to retrieve...but cover well with sticks please

Box #4 "The Valley Cow"

This is the longest section of the hike, but oh so worth it!. Continue hiking to the gravel road. Follow that road till nature trail veers off the right. Follow it to around the soccer fie4lds. Walk the path past a wooden fence. Go right at the split in the foot and horse trails. At the covered benches relax. Take a right and savor the view. Go to the bottom and make a right, paralleling the horse trail. At the bottom of that hill is a turn with a nature trail sign and birdhouse to your left. The sign faces 40 degrees. Across the trail ro your right is an old gnarled tree. Your prize is at its base by an animnal's lair.

Continue on the trail around the park to your car or cross through the ball fields if you are in a hurry. Have fun and we hope you will come back and play in our facilities!

Happy Quilter carved the first three stamps, but Origami Angel of Hampton, VA, a HQ relative, carved the cow stamp for Box #4. Thank you, OA!