Whistle in the Woods  LbNA # 41940

Placed DateJul 20 2008
LocationEllicott City, MD
Planted Bytuckerly    
Found By savvydeb
Last Found Nov 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Enter Patapsco State Park through the swinging bridge at the intersection of Ilchester and Bonnie Branch Road. Hike the Grist Mill Trail until you see a stone tunnel with water flowing through it on your left. Go through this tunnel and on the other side is the Forest Glen Trail. Hike up this trail until you to cross a fallen tree that is slighly embedded into the path. After crossing this tree, look for a tree on your right about twenty paces off the trail with the bark stripped off the front of the tree and a hole in the bottom of it. From this tree, walk five paces up and to the left to a tree with large black rocks all around the bottom of it. In the back of this tree is the letterbox.
Box 2
From the first box continue up the trail until it is laiden with large black rocks. Look for the tree with five trunks on your left. walk four paces up the trail from this tree and on the left is a large rectangular slab of black rock. The letterbox is hidden right behind this rock.
Box 3
The third box is located on the Buzzards Rock (Yellow) Trail. Hike up this trail until you reach Buzzards Rock. On the opposite side of the trail from Buzzards Rock is a large, fallen tree that is parallel to the trail. Walk over this tree to another fallen tree about 20 feet away that is parallel to the first. In this tree is the letter box.