Cardinal #3 of 3 in feathered friends series  LbNA # 41944

OwnerShields of faith    
Placed DateJun 27 2008
LocationSarver, PA
Found By fantastic4
Last Found Jun 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Before setting out for this box, it may be helpful to go to and print out a trail map for the Todd Sanctuary. Also, I suggest using bug spray before heading out. To find the cardinal,get on Monroe Rd. in Sarver (directly across from the South Pike cinema). Bear right when you come to the "Y" in the road. You will eventually make a sharp right turn at the Todd Sanctuary. There is a little brown sign that marks the area. The trail starts to the left of the parking lot. Once on the trail, cross over the bridge on your left. Your at the visitors center. Head off to your right and follow the Loop trail staying to the right. You will cross a bridge and follow the red blazes. Cross over the Ravine and Polypody trail. Shortly before you get to the creek, make a left turn up the hill to stay on the Loop trail. Eventually you will see a huge rock along the trail. There are 2 more huge rocks behind this one. Walk around to the back of the 2nd rock. You will notice a tiny hemlock tree growing on top of this rock. The cardinal is hiding in the rock near the base of the hemlock tree. It will be covered by a smaller rock. At this point you can just retrace your steps back to the car or continue up the hill on the Loop Trail. You will need to stay straight on the trail to get on the Indian Pipe trail. Now follow the white blazes. You will cross over the Polypody trail and past the Meadow trail. Keep following the white blazes down the hill and across the bridge. This will take you back to the visitors center.