To the Birds #2  LbNA # 41950

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateJul 20 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By mouse nanny
Last Found Oct 6 2010
Hike Distance?

TO THE BIRDS #2 Checked 5/2/09- All intact.

This is one of Raleigh's beautiful Greenways, nice to walk in, and very easy to bike in too, so either hoof it , or bike it! Bring gloves and wear long pants because of the poison ivy! There are several suprises for the first finders!

3400 Lassiter Falls Circle (off Lassiter Mills Rd)
1 1/2 mike hike round trip

Park the car and walk to the road. Carefully cross the street and walk up the street (toward Six Forks) to the Greenway. Enter the Greenway on the Right side of the road from where you parked.


Immediately you can hear the birds! I heard, and saw a beautiful cardinal shortly after entering and crossing the first bridge. I wanted to plant the box there, but there were too many muggles!! There are many people in this greenway, so you must be sneaky about finding these boxes!

Cross the long bridge and go immediately to the right, to the large tree. Then make your way over to the large SPL (Suspicious pile of logs). Go to the tree on the Left that has a vine around it and a darkened burn area near the bottom. A cardinal and dogwood is waiting there where the burn area is. WATCH FOR POISON IVY!

I have lived in NC about 10 years now, I call it my home!


Go back to the path and follow it until you come to a "T" and go Left. You will come to a bridge. Before you cross the bridge, there will be a tall stump to the Left of the bridge. It is NOT the stump with a tree growing out of it.
I am hidden atop the stump. Please rehide me well!

The Pennsylvania state bird is a Ruffled Grouse, and the flower is a Mountain Laurel. I lived in PA when I was first married, with the Amish! Needless to say, that lifestyle wasn't our cup of tea!


Cross the bridge and follow the path a short way. Take the path to the Left and stop by the large tree on the Right. Sit on the mossy rock . Reach behind you on the right, and you will find the Jersy Girl.

New Jersey's State bird is the Eastern Goldfinch and the flower is the Meadow Violet.

We lived in NJ for a few years before moving to England.

Box #4 Celtic Weave

Follow the path all the way back to the parking lot. In the parking area, scan the edge of the wood on the right and you will see a "throne" made of wood. At the base of this throne, in front of it, on the left (facing the chair) is the Celtic Weave. I usually poke around with a stick until I hear the "clunk" of a letterbox.
This may be the first in a series of celtic boxes!