India Series: 5 & 6  LbNA # 41974

Placed DateJul 19 2008
LocationNetarts, OR
Found By green_armyman
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

To the trailhead:
Take the Three Capes Scenic Drive and head to the middle cape. Park at the trailhead for the Cape Trail. This is a beautiful 2.4 mile hike, one way. Very nice ocean views along the way and at the end it's quite spectacular. Good for viewing whales at the right time of the year.

To India Series #5 - the Taj Mahal letterbox (1 mile):
Head out on the Cape Trail and about half way to the point you will come to a chain link fence with a cautionary sign. From this place there is a nice ocean view to the north. Ahead a few steps more there is a grouping of four trees, that you walk between. One large one on the left and three on the right. Before you pass by reach behind the one on the right, on top of the nurse log, take a seat, rest and view the reflecting pool before carrying on.

India Series #6 - Silver Rupees. On your way back to the trailhead after passing over the boardwalks, and when the trail levels out you will see the ocean to the south. Keep going and the view disappears. When the view reappears, start counting your paces. About 44 paces more or less there is a small tree on the left with burly roots. Tucked in behind grab some rupees. Just beyond is a larger tree on the right with a cup-like depression near the base.