Mert's Dogwood 2  LbNA # 41985

Placed DateJul 21 2008
CountySt. Louis
LocationOverland, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Note: We had a letterbox in this park but it was bulldozed up – luckily, we were notified and got it back unscathed. We are replacing it in a slightly different location and including the geocaching coordinates.

This box is in McDonnell Park in St. Louis County. It is a letterbox/geocache hybrid, and contains a log for geocachers + a few prizes to trade, in addition to the letterbox logbook, rubber stamp and pad.

Take Lindbergh Blvd. to Midland Ave. and go East to the first stoplight. Turn left onto Link and go up the hill to the stoplight. Turn left onto Adie Rd. The park is on the right.

Upon turning into the park you will see parallel parking spaces on the road. Your quest starts at the sixth parking space! Stand in the middle of the sixth space, facing WNW. Walk approximately 43 strides to the Memorial Dogwood Tree planted “in memory of our Mom, Mert”.

Continue NW to where there is relief in sight. Stand on the square lid marked WATER. Head north from there to a dog’s best friend.

Your journey continues across the street at the Speed Limit sign: Take the allowed speed limit x 2 and that’s the number of strides to where you can check your balance.

Take the walking path to the left (toward another yellow and red sentinel). As you stroll along the path you’ll see the picnic areas on your right. Find the third barbecue pit and stand beside it. Look directly W – walk across the grounds until you come to a lone pine tree. If you get to the paved path, you’ve gone too far. The container is a plastic jar covered with camo tape. Look up to find it.

Thanks for looking and for carefully rehiding the Mert’s Dogwood LB!