Park Overview  LbNA # 41989

OwnerSir Nerd    
Placed DateJul 21 2008
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By walkingman
Last Found Sep 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Go 4.5-5 miles west of Marietta turn right onto Coffman Road around a bend. To your left and right is the Tunnel Cemetary. Pull into the left and pull up to the white building. Park and get out. This building is the restored Warren Township Townhouse. Behind it is an old outhouse. At first it doesn't seem like much but if you think of the historical government officals that entered this building you will start to see more in this outhouse.
Starting at the east corner of this outhouse take 45 steps at heading of 90° to a gnarled up tree. From there take 14 steps at a heading of 70°to a white gravestone. This is mark Rufus Inman,a veteran of the revolution. The park took its name from this stone. Now take 30 steps at a heading of 20° to a gnarled up tree. At the base of the right part of the tree behind bark is the letterbox. Now enjoy the overview!