Ruby Gem  LbNA # 41992 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerB & B    
Placed DateJul 21 2008
LocationWillard, MO
Last Found Aug 19 2010
Hike Distance?

You will need to start your search in the parking lot of the Willard Community Center and swimming pool, entering the Willard City Park.

Now the fun begins! Enjoy a rhyme or two, while led to the letterbox by clues.

On either side of you there should be a white lamp post
and in front of you some trees.

The path you seek is to the right,
then before you a bright sight.

A golden fish with a boney bridge,
go and climb it every little ridge.

A spiral of gold you should see,
slide down it and face a tree.

Turn left at the tree, pass a basketball court,
keep going your such a good sport.

On this day you will come to a “V”
go the right way and you will see. . .

Pine trees as tall as can be.

Winding around the emerald pond,
listen for the frogs song.

If you sit upon the sapphire seat
you might hear them sing,
what a treat!

It’s time to move on to the bridge that’s just beyond.

In the summer there’s lilies galore and rocks beneath to explore.

If you want to get cool
head towards the pool.

But to find the ruby gem
you must begin at the start again.

It appears you’ve come full circle
but the journey is not complete.

Start again at the beginning
but this time head towards the street.

The bright red ruby gem you seek is hidden in the dark,
secure and safe within a crevice of stone at the entrance to the park.

Your journey is now complete.
Please replace to protect the gem so another can enjoy this fun retreat.