Follow the Dollar Bill  LbNA # 41996

Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationFaribault, MN
Planted BySolomon's Staff    
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Nov 1 2008
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: This letterbox is currently out of commission. I'll have it back up and running in a few weeks.

Solomon's Staff

Special tools: For this letterbox you'll need a good ol' all-American one dollar bill. You will also need a pencil and possibly some paper.

Did you know that there are secret societies at work in Faribault? Did you know that they have left clues for you to find a letterbox on the dollar bill?

This letterbox adventure will take you on a short tour of our famed city as it interweaves secret societies and their symbols that are hidden in plain site. These riddles won't be easy to decipher, so prepare yourself. You may have do some research before heading out on the trail; especially with respects to landmarks within Faribault and the history of the dollar bill.

Here is your first clue:

Barbarians at the gate!
You are illiterate and estranged
The writing on the wall is the beginning,
you must right yourself and rearrange…

my barbaric hulk

Once you have found the beginning’s home,
look for the rock that Aaron's brother presented...
There are symbols on that stone
that match the bill you haven’t spent.

At the bottom of that rock you’ll find
three symbols...and two are one of a kind.
Choose the one Solomon's father traced;
it's the most heavenly in this blessed space...

Currency holds the next clue,
so make haste, unlock the first seal.
Find the temple to find the temple true
The symbol is the key to help you reveal.

(Follow these instructions closely:
Across the base of the temple use your pencil
to connect the two letters,
then up the sides draw two more lines...
Under the eye connect the two letters,
then down the middle
draw two more lines to the point...
You should have five letters...
rearrange them to find the temple.)

To find the temple, walk three blocks
Ensuring the level you’re on.
Till square and compass you find entwined,
The temple you’ll finally come upon.

It’s hidden in plain site, this so-called-temple place;
But how temple-like it is? No one really knows.
So unlike a temple these grounds are,
with a lack of stained glass windows.

Once you've found the temple,
find the place where time stands still.
If your knowledge of our city is ample;
quickly unlock the second green seal.

It’s a symbol born of war and peace -
find its nesting place in our city just and fair.
Two blocks you’ll walk, if you please;
and stop for the clue you’ll find their.

Upon the bill you’ll find a key,
Its direction will open the way.
But don’t be fooled in your glee;
It’s meant to lead you astray.

Walk one block, you’ve found the light!
…as far as you can tell.
At this square, look for the obelisk
and steely-eyed sentinel.

Follow his far off gaze…
to your eyes it’s quite unseen
He knows where yonder treasure lays
uncovered in the Summer’s green…

Take this advice and follow his stare
from there you must find the center twice.
The shield reflects the symbol where
you must look for water in this dry place..

…Now a tale, both sad and true,
of a father and son torn in two.
Between Anderson & his son,
Place your faithful Washington.

Worry not, you're far from lost,
Just ensure that your George is crossed.
His eyes look away from what's hidden here,
but he sense the treasure's very near.

His eyes, transfixed, on that watery vase,
But he nose what lays in the other space.
Now that you’ve found the direction and base.
Use your noggin’ and find the right pace.

One number and One word, the pace you must account.
Add them up separately and multiply the amounts.
From Anderson’s circle head for Spring’s splendid plot...
The Father of Our Nation's initial marks the other watery spot...

The capsule here you have finally found;
dressed in cherry’s darkened stump.
And look for it upon the ground;
encased in that rotting, secret lump.