Middle Fork of the Applegate  LbNA # 42

Placed DateOct 14 2002
LocationRuch, OR
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Middle Fork of the Applegate

Middle Fork of the Applegate Letterbox

Placed: October 14, 2002
Placed by: Sherbet Cat & Tecihila
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Trail Difficulty: Moderate (approx. 8 miles round trip w/ 1000 ft. elevation gain)

Note: Mosquitoes are a problem in the warmer months until mid-October. Early spring is a great time for this hike.

From Ruch, take Applegate River Road past the dam and Applegate Lake to a T in the road. Take a left on Elliott Road past the state line where the pavement ends. Eventually the road opens into a large gravel circle with a few mailboxes on the opposite side. Road 1040 isn’t marked, but is a hairpin turn to the right heading downhill. Continue 5 miles to where the road curves sharply uphill to the left. Park to the left just before the road curves uphill to the right. The trailhead is well marked, but the sign may not be visible from your car. Look just over the small rise.

Follow this well maintained trail through old growth and across a great foot bridge created by a felled Douglas Fir. Further along, the trail parts company with the river. Continue until you’ve crossed eight spring beds of varying widths, which may or may not be running depending on weather. On this date, most were fairly dry. After crossing the eighth bed, look for a close grouping of three small spring beds. Just beyond this grouping, you’ll find the letterbox hidden beneath a large tree on your left.

Please report on the condition of this box to: patterns@internetcds.com and/or tecihila@hotmail.com