Past Post~Eagle  LbNA # 42006

Placed DateJul 21 2008
LocationKingston, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 28 2013
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Past Post~Eagle
In 1882 Eagle City started out as a gold rush tent town were Eagle Creek enters Prichard Creek.
A.J. Prichard is the author of Eagle Creek's name as well as Prichard Creek. He named Eagle Creek because of a big bald eagle's nest he saw while prospecting in the area. The town gained it's name from the creek.
I could not find confirmation that Eagle ever had a post office but, it does have note worthy history. So, we decide to place a Past Post Letterbox in honor of it.
Everything I have read about this area during the gold rush days tell us that Eagle was a very short lived boom town.
One of it's claims to fame is that Wyatt Earp ran a bar/gambling house here.
The White Elephant started out as a tent saloon in a tent town. By the time wood buildings started going up in Eagle, the town was in decline.

Now to the letterbox.
Find your way to where Eagle is. Take the Kingston exit 43 from I-90 and travel up the Coeur d'Alene River Road approximately 22 miles to Prichard. Pass on by Prichard but turn east onto Prichard Creek Rd.-Thompson Pass Road. Travel eastbound on this road for approximately 1.3 miles. You should see a cement bridge that crosses over Eagle Creek -but don't go over it. You will see a forest service road to your left (north). Turn onto this road numbered 978. Just as you turn onto it you will see a short road that turns off to the right (east). Take this off shoot and park here. You are on the west side of Eagle Creek, it flows under the cement bridge and then unites with Pritchard Creek.
On the other side (eastside) of Eagle Creek was the tent city of Eagle and the home of Earp's White Elephant Saloon.
After parking, look around and enjoy the creek. To find the letterbox, look for a large fir tree. It is approximately 60 feet toward 23 degrees magnetic from the end of this off shoot road were it meets the creek. Find the letterbox attached to this tree.

I hope you enjoy the area and the hunt as much as we did planting it. After stamping, signing in and replacing the letterbox, travel on up the Eagle Creek Road to enjoy more of this beautiful area.
Thanks for playing along. God bless, Sondog, the Silent Partner, and Snakeboy

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