Nature's Secret  LbNA # 42014

Placed DateJul 12 2008
LocationCorydon, IN
Planted ByNancy Drew Girls    
Found By The Toadfrogs
Last Found Aug 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Find the place on the outskirts of town that folk use to picnic and play. If your are unsure, it bears the same name as a small theater in Historic Corydon.

Once you have entered the "picnic and play" place, you will note that there are a few places to get out of the rain! Find the one from which our letterbox gets its name.

As you walk up the path, continue forward until the paved trail forks. Ready for a hike! We hope so! Take care as you walk, since the trail can get treacherous in some places. Now, take the right fork and follow the trail into the woods until you find DANGER. You will know when you have found it especially if you pay attention to each and every marker. Once found, you will leave the safety of the paved path for the ruggedness of the dirt trail. Follow this trail passing under the fallen tree. Be careful as you walk, because at times the trail may become a bit difficult to navigate. Once you have arrived at the layered, flying saucer shaped rock, stand atop it and peer out over the deep ravine. Enjoy the view, then turn and face left. Look for the path that travels up a hill, over a long rock and between the 2 biggest trees. Watch your step as you follow this path since the trail can be slick. Once you have passed between the two trees and you can no longer go forward, turn to your right and follow the trail until it ends. You are close, now just find the rock formation near you with the odd colored rock - move that rock and a few others to discover the box.